SEO Is Visibility

This may sound a bit simplistic, but it holds true. In a very real sense, a business website is the digital analogue of your physical store or business. The virtual world plays by some very different rules, however.


The Search Kings

There are no shopping centers or main roads to advertise on the internet. There is no street out the front where passers by may notice your business and potentially convert. For traffic to pass through your website, it must be directed to it. This is the role that search engines provide every day for the majority of us as we jump online to find a service we need or an answer to a question we have.

Worlds Largest Search Engines

  • Google 1.1 Billion Visitors Monthly
  • Bing 350 Million Visitors Monthly
  • Yahoo! 300 Million Visitors Monthly

3 Wise Algorithms

The “big three” engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, are like the wise men of the internet. We come to them with questions and they in their (mostly)infinite wisdom point us in the right direction. And this is really the reason why SEO is so super important to the success of your website. SEO is the process of fine tuning your website so that the search engines will display it to your target audience.

Important SEO Factors

  • Quality Original Content
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Site Speed & Responsive Design


To Stand Out

The challenge, is that there may be many other businesses in your industry vying for the same spots in the search engine results. There are many factors that Google and the others take into account, more than the scope of this introduction, but the rewards of having a site that ranks well can be immense for your business.

Victors Spoils

  • More WebSite Traffic
  • More Brand Exposure
  • More Sales
Wouldn't you like to ?


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